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Non-Traditional Dog Boarding
   Dog Daycare
      Dog Boarding
         Pet Care
                  Cary, NC

Registration Process: 

Getting Ready for Camp

Your dog(s) must be registered with Camp Canine in order to make reservations. Registering your family is a one-time process, and the registration is good for a lifetime! In order to be social at Camp, each camper must go through the evaluation process. Once you have chosen to be a member, yearly membership fees are due by January 31.

Before joining Camp your camper must be up to date on all of their medical needs. We require distemper, rabies, bordatella, negative fecal exam, and negative heartworm exam.  Campers over 1 year of age must be spayed/neutered.  We also require a dose of dewormer (only Drontal or Panacur accepted) before their initial visit. Drontal Plus takes 4 days to complete; Panacur takes 6 days to complete. Dewormer must be given within 30 days of their initial visit to Camp.

Camp has a strict deworming policy. Once your camper has completed their evaluation and taken the initial dewormer, the need for future deworming is based on their monthly heartworm preventative. If your camper is on Interceptor, Sentinel, Trifexis, Combo-gard, or Advantage Multi for their monthly heartworm preventative, then this medicine will cover all types of worms Camp requires to be covered. If your camper is on another product, then Camp requires that you deworm them with either Drontal or Panacur on a quarterly basis. Please know that this policy is for the health and safety of all of our campers.

We have a few options for joining the Camp family: 
  • As always, we offer Camp Membership. A family must complete our registration process and choose a Membership package. 
  • Our new option for new customers is called Camp Friends. Friends must complete the registration, including the deworming and evaluation. However, if you do not want to purchase a Membership package this year, then you can choose to be a Friend. Friends will not be able to receive any of the discounts of Membership and must pay the regular rates. 
  • Lastly, we have a Guest option. This is mainly for people that need a visit quickly and cannot complete the registration in time. This can also be an option for the friends and family of current Members. Camp Guests will not be able to go to play group or have social time because they will not have a completed Evaluation. Camp Guests must pay regular rates. 
Step 1: Interest and Referral


Interest - Please send an email to Include the following information:

  • Your first and last name.
  • Phone number.
  • Your dog(s) name.
  • What services are you interested in?
  • Any questions you may have.

Referral - Have an existing member email a referral letter recommending you to Camp Canine. This is preferred, but not required.

  • Existing customer needs to state how they know you, and if they know your dog.
  • This referral must be in writing and emailed to


We will need your interest email before proceeding with any paperwork. After receiving these, our office will provide you with access to our paperwork.

Step 2: Forms, Tour, & Preventative Deworming

Registration Form

Camper Profile

  • Complete the Camper Profile and email it to or fax it to (919)468-8304. We need one for each camper!

  • Have your vet complete our Camper Health Certificate and fax it to (919)468-8304. We need one for each camper!

  • Due to COVID, our lobby is currently closed, you can watch our tour video to see our facility.
  • Tours can be completed before or after the Registration Form is completed. Tours can only be given during front desk hours: Monday-Friday 8-11:30am or 1-5pm, or Saturday 10am-12pm. You do not need an appointment! However, please understand that if you come at a busy time for our front desk staff, you may have to wait for their availability. We want to make sure campers coming and going are happy and comfortable because they are our first priority. Please be understanding if you have to wait while we help our four legged friends.


  • Please purchase only Drontal Plus or Panacur from your vet.
  • You must complete administering the medication 3 days prior to your dog’s evaluation. (Drontal Plus takes 4 days to complete; Panacur takes 6 days to complete). Dewormer must be given within 30 days of their initial visit to Camp.
  • All dogs entering our facility must have dewormer as a preventative measure. This is for the safety and health of both your dog and all dogs at Camp Canine. 
Step 3: Camper Evaluation & Joining the Camp Family!

  • Schedule your Camper's Evaluation.
    • This is a half day of daycare that will help us asses your camper's comfort level and play style. We will use this day to get to know your camper and to let your camper get to know us.
  • Review with the Camp staff your camper's evaluation and behavior report.
  • Payment for the evaluation ($40 for the first camper and $25 for each additional) and the registration fee ($60) is due at this time.
  • Membership - pick the package(s) that is the best fit for your camper and you! Provide payment for the package(s).
  • The process is complete. Welcome to the Camp Canine family!

If you have any questions about the process or the requirements, please feel free to call or email our office, we will be happy to help with any questions:

Phone - (919)468-8301 or Email -
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