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Non-Traditional Dog Boarding
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                  Cary, NC

Overnight Camping

We know that it is stressful for any dog to be away from his family pack regardless of how nice the new environment may be. Because of this we have designed a daily routine to care for both physical and psychological needs and to ease any stress.

A Day in the Life...

Even as a member, drop-in overnight is not a preferred method for the happiness of the campers. The counselors need time to prepare for your camper's visit. Overnight reservations should be made at a minimum of a day in advance by phone or email. More notice is preferable to make sure all health requirements are met. However, if you have an emergency situation that arises please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. 
  • 7AM - Campers go out for morning potty.
    • Throughout the day, when the campers go out for potty/play time, the counselors will check their rooms, clean as needed, and top off the water bowls.
  • 8AM - Breakfast time. Campers must rest a minimum of one hour after breakfast before physical activity.
    • If a camper has medications, then we will administer them after they have eaten their AM or PM meal. Odd hour medications can be accommodated.
  • Around 10AM - Morning playgroup.
    • Campers are grouped for play time based on size and temperament.
    • Morning and afternoon playgroups will either be outside in one of our large play areas or inside in the gym or community room.
    • Weather determines the area of play.
  • 12PM - Campers go in for mid-day rest.
  • 1PM - Afternoon playgroup.
    • Campers will rotate to our grassy playground or to the pool, depending on weather and time of year.
  • 3:45PM - Campers go to their rooms to rest before dinner. Campers must have a minimum of one hour to rest before the evening meal.
  • 5PM - Dinner time.
  • 8PM - Evening potty. The campers will have time to go potty and get a little more social time.
  • 9PM - Bedtime. The campers will go their rooms to tuck in for the night. The counselors will finish up their cleaning routines and then check on each camper. The counselors usually finish up around 10PM.

This schedule is the same 365 days a year. On holidays we close the business office to allow our counselors uninterrupted time with the campers.

Value Added & Extra Activities
All overnight campers are sent home with “Report Cards” which are honest notes on how your camper did. Counselors are available to discuss the visit if you have any questions. We also keep all records of medications administered, bathroom habits, eating, and behavior for one year after each visit.

In addition, we offer extracurricular activities for even more one-on-one time. We have found campers do enjoy these activities but extras are certainly not necessary. There is an additional cost for the extracurricular activities because they require additional staffing.

Friendly Reminder

Campers may get scratched and roughed up a little when playing, just as human children on a playground. Please expect to see these types of things on occasion. Our day camp counselor will make you aware of any active aggression; otherwise do not be alarmed by scratches or minor teeth marks. Any noticeable issues are discussed with parents.

Preparing for Overnight Camp
When entering and exiting the building please make sure your camper(s) is on a leash for their safety. 

  • Please put each meal in a ziplock bag. If they eat twice a day they will need two bags per day.
  • Please use ziplock bags because other bags can spill, losing your camper's food.
  • Write your camper's name on each bag in permanent marker.
  • Please do not put medications in the food bags. Supplements such as vitamins may be in food bags, but please let us know what they are.
  • We will return the baggies to you for reusing at their next overnight.
  • We have refrigerators/freezers for any food that needs to be kept cold.
  • If your camper has canned food, please label the side of the can with their name.
  • We do not typically feed breakfast on the day of arrival or dinner on the day of departure.

  • Medications
  • Please put medication in a ziplock bag that is clearly labeled with the name of the camper, the medication name, and dose.
  • Please bag each medication separately.
  • We will go over these with you at check-in. If possible we will only keep the amount of medication we need for your camper's visit.
  • In the case of injected medications they need to be in the syringe with the proper amount already drawn in each syringe for each injection. We have refrigerators if necessary.
  • Supplements such as vitamins may be in food bags but please let us know what they are.

  • Toys
  • Try to limit toys to two.
  • Certain toys are not safe when they are unsupervised, so please contact the front desk if you have any questions. Tennis balls are one example of toys we will not accept at camp.
  • If a counselor feels that a toy is not safe for the camper to keep in their room, then they will remove the toy and put it in the luggage bag.

  • Bedding
  • You may bring a favorite bed, blanket, t-shirt, towel, or other items to make your camper comfortable and to remind him of home.
  • Please don’t bring the living room couch or anything that is of sentimental value.

  • Treats
  • NO rawhides, greenies, or items that may be ingested during the late night hours.
  • Please do not overload your camper with treats or items they don’t normally get at home because you feel bad leaving them. We do not want upset tummies because they are getting more treats than they are used to. This could cause a trip to the vet!

  • Coats
  • It is fine to bring a sweater or coat for your camper.
  • Please do not bring anything that is of sentimental value. 

  • Payment
  • Due at time of check-in with credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover), check, or cash.
  • We will store your credit card in our online banking system.
  • Please confirm your credit card with the front desk and let us know if you need to make a change to your card on file.