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Non-Traditional Dog Boarding
   Dog Daycare
      Dog Boarding
         Pet Care
                  Cary, NC

Day Camp

Day camp can help dogs learn social skills, curb separation anxiety, and provide needed daily exercise. At Camp Canine we have a great day camp program. Our facility has over one and a half acres of play areas, and we also have an inside gym and community room for the campers' use. We offer daycare 7 days a week and only close on occasion for holiday hours.

A Day Camper Day

During the day, the campers socialize with one another and our staff is interactive with them. This program is a separate routine from overnight camp, since the day campers do not need meals. Our day starts at 7am and goes until 6pm. You are not required to have your camper here the entire time-- these are just the maximum times during the day. Day campers are not allotted rooms, but if quiet rest is needed, a room can be provided.  Since we are knowledgeable in socialization, we know the majority of the campers will regulate themselves in playtime and take naps as they choose. Any given day you can see day campers taking naps in their groups. Exceptions to this may be a young camper that may need some quiet time if they are not taking time to slow down during the day, or an older camper that may need to rest in a quiet place. Since we watch our campers closely, we know their individual needs.

Playgroup Management
Campers are divided based on size and/or temperament. Therefore, you may see a smaller camper with medium-sized campers, or you may see a bigger camper with the little ones. These choices are made based on the campers' personalities, play-styles, and comfort levels. We want each individual camper to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Playgroup Personalities

We do have groups divided on a daily basis; however, in some cases we have had to ask parents to not come on certain days due to particular campers' personalities that do not get along.

You might think “just put them in another group” - not so easy if you want the best harmony for all campers! It can cause other campers to feel stress if one camper is really stressed by another. They still realize that camper is in the facility. So one or possibly both campers maintain a level of stress, which they then bring into both play groups causing the possibility of aggression or onset of minor health issues from stress. That’s just not fair to anyone! So, if campers are not getting along, the last one added to a day may be asked to switch days for future day care visits.

This is one reason we do not allow drop-in day care. It’s just not fair to the campers to have fellow campers here that may not care for one another. At times when two campers like this may be staying overnight…well, we have our work cut out for us. We do everything we can to give both campers all they need by keeping each other out of sight and out of mind.

Friendly Reminder

Please discuss with us any new or odd behaviors you have seen at home. Remember also that campers may get scratched and roughed up a little when playing, just as human children on a playground can get scratches and bumps from running and wrestling. Please expect to see these types of things on occasion. Our day camp counselor will make you aware of any active aggression; otherwise do not be alarmed by scratches or minor teeth marks. Any noticeable issues are discussed with parents.

Canine Babysitting
This service is available 7 days a week, and we will work with you regarding needs and times.

We felt this may be helpful for members that have special circumstances arise. This may help you in times like having an exterminator, real estate showing, house cleaning, or if your camper is recovering from a medical issue and can’t be left alone. This service is $5 per hour (not prorated).

Preparing for Day Camp