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Retail Services from Camp Canine!

Camp Canine makes several products available to both members of the Camp Canine family and the general public. Camp carries limited items. We would be happy to discuss these with you at anytime.

Customers who are members can choose Clubs or Packages with a discount on retail products as described in the membership agreement.


Available Online and at the Office

WOOF Hats - Camp Canine Exclusive Designs

Express yourself by wearing one of these 100% soft cotton hats that speak for you and your dog. One size fits all and you can choose from a variety of colors, finishes, and styles. Why just think it when you can wear it!?

Life's Tough - Put on Your Spike Collar   Life's Tough - Sniff a Butt and Find a Friend
Life's Tough - Run with a Pack.  It's More Fun!   Before You Bite Someone's Behind, Make Sure They Showered
Peace, Love, & Furry Feet   Watch What You Lick... Your Tongue Might Stick


All hats are low profile made of soft, breathable cotton. Distressed hats are only in olive or brown. Women's cut are only in black or putty. Other colors are storm, red, and stone.

Price: $21.00 each or two for $37.00. Includes Shipping.

Download the attached PDF flyer for more information. To order yours today, contact the office and speak with any of our team members.

Available at the Office


Dog Food

Many people do not realize that a diet can affect canine (and people) mood and behavior. A diet low in fiber and high in sugars, for example, may make your dog prone to digestive or anal gland problems and hyperactivity. Both of these physical issues will, in some way, affect behavior.

Camp Canine has done extensive research in the area of dog nutrition and dog food ingredients. We only sell what we would feed our dogs, and our standards are very high. The list below reflects both what we recommend and what we sell. You don't have to purchase from Camp Canine; but do purchase a quality brand that will add value to your dog's life.







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