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Barker Downey - Camp Overseer and Camper Comrade. Barker Downey, the brainchild of Suzanne Keeys, has been with Camp Canine since it opened its doors in early 1996. As Camp Overseer and Camper Comrade, Barker Downey has shown tireless dedication in his quest to ensure that Camp Canine remains a unique dog-care facility that continues to set the bar higher and higher.

Barker works with the entire Camp Canine staff in his mission. He works side-by-side with the camp counselors and other dog-handling staff to make sure that the campers's voices are heard. As a virtual member of the office and creative teams, Barker offers input into new and exciting activities to offer his canine buddies while they enjoy their stay.

Barker roams with the pack!

But Barker is not all work! He can often be found romping with the campers and playing Fetch 'N Run, a game that he has perfected. The campers love him and appreciate his ability to adequately speak on their behalf when needed.

Barker Downey is every dog. He's not perfect. He's does not always come when called. And, occasionally, he barks for no apparent reason. He is, however, fully house trained and consistent in his determination to love all creatures - great and small. He reminds us that living with a canine is fun and unpredictable. While he is well mannered and well meaning, Barker is a dog - a pack animal. As such, he enjoys the company of other dogs, loves to chase little things that run, will sometimes greet our guests with an obtrusive sniff, and, well, yes, sometimes he drools! But, as Barker is fond of saying, 'to love a dog is to be able to appreciate pack behavior" and the love you share will come back to you.

  Portrait of Baker Downey


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