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For 2015 Membership information please log on to the Members Only section of Please email -or- call us if you need the log in information.

Form Access
Camp Canine is a member-only facility. If you have a camper registered and need to update forms go to PacBehavior. If you would like to apply for membership, please visit the Registration Requirements page. Contact the office if you do not have valid login credentials.   Go there!

Camp Canine

Welcome to Camp Canine, Inc.
Cary's first and only Totally Interactive Canine Facility®, Camp Canine, designed an environment based on the principle that psychological needs are just as important as the physical® when caring for animals.

To ensure the safety and well being of all campers, Camp Canine is a member-only establishment. Campers undergo full screening and assessment tests and owners must complete an application and interview process before being allowed to join the Camp Canine family. Camp Canine is a totally exclusive membership-only canine facility. This process was designed to provide the most all-embracing atmosphere for everyone. Please visit Camper Registration Requirements for details.

Half- or full-day interactive day camp, 7-day-a-week babysitting (no human babies), canine bath and nail services, and overnight camping are a few of the benefits our members enjoy.

Activities at the camp include swimming, hiking, open play and other facilitated games.

The Camp Canine family consists of certified staff members, 2-3 shifts operating 365 days of the year, and a 24-hour a day caretaker.

Even little campers have BIG fun!Designed to the requirements of North Carolina Agriculture Department, Camp Canine is a private organization, established in 1996 and owned by Suzanne Keeys. Suzanne's credentials include a long list of volunteer activities, animal behavior counseling, certified emergency care training, and community activities.

Visit our site; then visit our facility. We welcome tours without appointment! We'd love to meet you.



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